The Evolution Laser Hair Regeneration Program is the leader in natural hair regrowth treatments due to Evolution's unique and revolutionary approach to reversing hair loss. This program simply gives you the complete set of tools to heal your scalp and grow your hair back naturally. Through proven science and continuously advancing technology, Evolution's synergistic elements exceed other laser hair therapy programs and maximize success.                        
5 Dimensional- Female Hair Loss Treatment
Evolution's Laser Hair Therapy for Women

Evolution's Laser Hair Regeneration program features the ER610 hair growth laser (only available at Evolution). This laser was designed specifically for women clients, for ultimate scalp coverage and stimulation. This is a cold laser that penetrates the skin without heat or damage to the skin. The physiological benefits of the ER610 include improved circulation, increased cell metabolism, ant-inflammatory effects, and rapid wound healing. The FDA has approved low level laser therapy for safety across the board and for the promotion of hair growth.                  
Organic Anti-Microbial Hair Products

Most shampoos and conditioners contain a tremendous amount of scalp damaging chemicals. For example, Propylene Glycol, found in Anti-freeze and considered extremely toxic by the EPA, Sodium Laryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, found in most floor cleaners and engine degreasers, are prevalent in nearly every shampoo on store shelves. This is why Evolution has developed a line of holistic, natural, chemical-free hair products, which are vital to healthful and beautiful hair. Evolution shampoo, cleanser, and conditioner are formulated for maximum nutrition delivery to the scalp, keeping hair follicles clean and stimulating blood flow                 
Internal Detoxification

A vital part of the 5-Step Process is the Internal Detoxification stage.  Detox Tea and Sonne #7 Intestinal Detox are a wonderful comination of detox products that assist in cleansing your liver and kidneys.  Both products work on flusing free radicals and toxins out of the body.                 
Anti-Microbial Multi-therapy Topicals

Evolution custom topical formulas are a vital part of the Elite Regeneration program for women. These proprietary blends have been specifically designed and FDA clinically proven to inhibit future hair loss, increase cell regeneration, decrease bacteria and fungus, and significantly increased hair density and thickness.               

Nutritional Supplementation for Women

Evolution nutritional therapy continues the detoxification process and delivers complete nutrition, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), and DHT control. These elements work synergistically to promote rapid cell regeneration, resistance to toxins, improved digestion, and protect hair follicles from future damage.
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Pain Free Natural Reversal

Women experience hair loss due to auto-immune disorders, recent physical and/or emotional trauma (such as surgery or a car accident), fungal infections of the scalp, perscription drugs, candida, hormonal imbalances, and environmental factors.

Evolution Laser Hair Therapy Programs for women provide non-invasive holistic detoxification, nutraceutical supplementation, organic hair care         products, and our proprietary topical blends in conjunction with our            low level laser therapy. These elements combined work                               synergistically to heal your scalp, detoxify your body, stop hair                    loss and accelerate new, healthy hair growth. Evolution simply                     gives women the tools to regrow their own hair, naturally.