The Mission

Evolution Hair Centers’ mission is to heal, educate, and provide women suffering from  female pattern hair loss with a lifestyle and a natural treatment process that will prevent future hair loss and regrow as much natural hair as possible. The Evolution process allows the consumer to safely treat their hair loss from a whole body perspective without the risk of pain, scarring, embarrassment, and false promises.

Due to today’s stressful lifestyle, poor diet, and the rise a prescription drug use hair loss is more prevalent than ever. Many people have turned to different types of treatment products and procedures with very disappointing results. Until now, no hair loss program has been able to manage the exacerbating factors that contribute to most hair loss situations. Individuals have been left to continue to lose more and more hair leading to a destruction of self confidence and a false body image.

Evolution Hair Centers represents the shift in the hair growth industry by giving the consumer the education, training, and treatment program needed to correct their own hair loss problem from the internal to the topical. Evolution Hair Centers will curb male and female pattern hair loss by providing the most quality hair growth treatment at an affordable price in a safe and confidential environment.
Evolution Hair Centers' Mission Staterment
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